Do you remember a little while ago when I said my script had been chosen to be made into a short film?

Well here it is =) I hope you like it!


As a writer, you are stuck with a duty to your readers that you were never expecting to receive. Suddenly, eyes are scanning your pages and reading your words. Suddenly, your words are molding minds. If you’re writing adult novels, it’s not as important for you to watch your words while you write. But for those of you writing to young adult or even children, remember who your audience is.

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We walked in silence for a few minutes, both of us realizing we knew nothing about the person next to us. I would steal glances at him, he’d catch me looking and smile, I’d shift my gaze to something else. Put that on repeat and you had the first five minutes of our walk.

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Not A Writing Post

Hi everyone!

This isn’t going to be a post on writing or anything like that. It’s more a cry for help.

I’m an intern at a small comic book/ graphic novel publisher called SLG Publishing. Right now, we’re trying to get a grant of $250,000 to better our business. We need the support of 250 people in order to be eligible for the grant.

I see it like this: I know the people who follow me or lurk are here because they enjoy writing. And I know many of you would kill to get your work picked up by someone. Well, SLG is a place that gives that start to comic book artists and writers. They’re a great company run by great people and they really deserve this grant.

If you have time, please go here. It’ll log you in through your facebook (It’s safe. I promise. On my honor.) and from there, you can support them. It’s free, there’s no money at all. All we need is for you to click the button that says vote. The business name is SLG, the zip code is 95113.

It will take one minute to support a company that may one day support you.

Thank you


Hello all! I made a podcast about how I got started with writing. If you take a listen, please leave a comment about how you started writing and any fun stories about your experiences! Hope you enjoy!

Developing Characters

Your characters – the stars of your story and, if you do it right, the stars of your mind for the remainder of your writing process. These are the people that you want to take your story and run with it; The imaginary being that you want your readers to fall in love with. But how are we supposed to make such characters out of nothing? Continue Reading »

I began to see flashes of colors pop before my eyes from the pressure of my knees and decided that was a good sign to pull away.
I looked up and saw Oliver, the colors from my eyes surrounding him in a rainbow of splotches. I sniffed and looked back down.

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